Collective Intelligence Tools and Case Studies

About the Platform
This Knowledge Platform presents CI-tools with examples of long-term and short-term implementation. Municipalities, NGOs, political consultancies, academic institutions and other organizations can develop knowledge about the tools and find inspiration for their projects.
The platform content is based on the work conducted in the NordForsk funded project COLDIGIT.
Using the Platform
The description of the tools is extracted from different databases available on Internet. Descriptions are more or less detailed depending on the sources.
The platform provides support for simple search and filtering.
Terminology and filters
The content of the Knowledge Platform and the terms used in filtering rely on concepts related to public participation and collective intelligence.
Our glossary provides the definition of these terms.
About us
As part of a project involving five organisations from Scandinavia and the UK, the Platform was developed more specifically by:
  • Siri Marianne Holen, Matthieu Branlat and Jacqueline Floch (SINTEF, Norway)
  • Bok-Yong Shin (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  • Oli Whittington (NESTA, UK)
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